How can I make an appointment?

The Prince's Government is prioritizing sections of the population to be vaccinated first as doses of the vaccine become available.

If you are among the sections that need vaccination first*, you are invited to make your intention to be vaccinated known :

You will be called back to arrange an appointment for vaccination at the National Vaccination Centre in the Auditorium Rainier III, at the Cardiothoracic Center or at your home, if you find it difficult to travel. 

The vaccine will be administered on medical prescription from your preferred doctor, or following a pre-vaccination consultation at the National Vaccination Centre or at your home, by the doctor from the mobile vaccination team.

This practitioner will be able to provide you with full information on the vaccine available and will tell you whether you can be vaccinated, taking your medical history into account.

  • To date, Monegasques, residents of the Principality and employees undertaking a professional activity in Monaco.